Over the past 25 years, MANX has produced custom Wilton designed carpets specifically for use on passenger trains. MANX has supplied both the train manufacturers and the railway operators with carpet for maintenance or fleet renovations.

Train requirements can be quite different. From our experience, we have found that train operators in Europe lean strongly towards a cut pile 100% wool or wool rich blend with nylon. They like the luxury of wool, the richness of colours and the resiliency of the wool pile. The natural regain moisture in the wool fibre readily adjusts to the different humidity levels.

North American railways, on the other hand, lean more towards 100% nylon Wilton carpets in a loop pile configuration with neat small repeat designs requiring more pattern retention. To meet these customer needs, Manx developed the Manx Nyl/Rail 50 range of carpets. These are BCF solution dyed nylon carpets that are anti-static, anti-mildew, durable and requiring low maintenance when in service.

MANX can meet these different train requirements through its experience, flexibility, and the capability to produce custom designed Wilton carpets.


Our product is a Wilton woven construction available in 100% wool pile, 70% wool 30% nylon and 100% BCF nylon construction.

The yarn can be woven into a uncut loop, a cut loop or a cut and loop surface finish. The general weight range for 100% wool is 70-74 oz. per sq. yard; for 70% wool 30 % nylon – 55-60 oz per sq. yard and for 100% BCF nylon -45-50 oz per sq. yd.

MANX’s Jacquard weaving systems allow the flexibility in custom design work to produce patterns, moresques, textures or plain weaves.

MANX’s backing yarns are all synthetic and fire resistant which ensures carpet dimensional stability plus anti-mildew properties. Our back finishing process locks in the weave to give strong tuft bind, and an anti-fray resistant cut edge. A carbon black additive increases the anti-static properties.


MANX’s Wilton woven carpets in meet the requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration with regards to:

ASTM E648 - Critical Radiant Flux
ASTM E162 - Surface Flammability
ASTM E662 - Smoke Emission
BSS 7239 - Toxic Gas Production
SMP-800-C - Toxic Gas Generation


CARPET WIDTHS - Available widths are12 ft (144 in); 8 ft (96 in) and 6 ft (72 in)

MANX also offers a cut part service for aisles and under seat areas.

FLOORING: - 100% wool in either cut pile or loop pile

70% wool 30% nylon in either cut pile or loop pile

100% BCF nylon – Manx Nyl/Rail 50

WALL CARPET – 100% wool in either cut pile or loop pile.



MANX’s customer list includes:

  • Bombardier Transportation
  • VIA Rail Canada
  • B.C. Transit
  • Siemens Heathrow Express
  • Irish Rail
  • Orford Express