MANX recently supplied Wilton woven carpet to outfit the Rideau King Cruise Boat and the rental boats at Ayling’s Marina in Merrickville. Ontario.

Our Wilton carpet suitable for marine requirements is available in 100% wool pile, 70% wool 30% nylon and 100% BCF nylon constructions. The surface can be loop or cut pile.

Wool Pile - A 100% Wilton pile carpet imparts the luxury level in your cabin area. The resiliency of the wool fibre resists flattening of the pile surface and openly invites you to walk ‘barefooted’. The richness of its dye affinity comes through when used in pattern or plain weaves. Wool’s natural flame resistance plus MANX’s flame retardant treatment ensure that you have a ‘safe’ carpet on board.

Woo/Nylon Pile - This construction combines the luxury property of wool with the added durability of the nylon fibre without any loss in performance.

100% Nylon Pile - MANX’s Wilton woven 100% nylon loop pile is a very durable, low maintenance carpet. The colours are locked into the extruded nylon fibre and resist fading from either light or water. MANX’s nylon carpet is resistant to mildewing.

MANX’s backing yarns are all synthetic, dimensionally stable and mildew resistant. Our backfinishing process with a carbon additive is anti-static.


MANX has the capability to manufacture custom designs and colours.

The minimum order for custom work would be:

100 sq. yards – 72 inches wide carpet
200 sq yards – 144 inches wide carpet


Stock carpet items are available in 72 in wide carpet.

Carpets are sold as bulk material. Kit Cutting service is not available at present.

Please see the MANX samples of stock items.

MINIMUM ORDERS– 4 sq. yards from stock carpet listings.

Please e-mail inquiries to for pricing and availability.



All of our carpets meet the Federal Aviation (FAA) standards for flammability – FAR 25.853(a).